Imagine for a moment, that you bought a large Instagram profile with real followers. Are you sure you can sustain it? Truth is, that most people would not be able to.

The content can be good, but the owner does not understand how Instagram works, so he or she loses an opportunity to grow or to even sustain the account.

If you have specific questions, we can manage some time on Whatsapp to talk about your issues with the audience, products, sales, targeting scheme, advertising. It is hard to find something, I do not have statistical data about.

In case I do not, I can conduct an experiment for you to figure out the situation in your field.

The prices for an hour of my personal time via whatsapp or any other messenger - $20, computer time to collect data - $0.5 per hour


Featuring program has a quite long line (you can check the current number of submitted/waiting photos on feature page. If the photo was approved and you werent featured recently, you can skip the line for $10 a post.

Payment method

Please, attach a note with your username and "feature"/"software"/"tutoring" reason for the payment. All the prices are in USD.

Private software

Terms and conditions, FAQ, guides and software itself are in the private software section.
In order to get a free 7 days trial, contact through instagram or email, on the contacts page.


It is possible to earn money by bringing new clients to private software. The commission is given every single month through PayPal for every client who had paid the subscription that month.
The commission dependency on the number of clients as follows:

below 10 clients - 10%
10-20 clients - 20%
20+ clients - 30%