The private software offered on this page is the result of personal struggles with the Instagram account.

The common problems for Instagram users are:
  1. Inability to attract interested in your content people
  2. Inability to post automatically on a laptop at desired by followers times
  3. Inability to get a personalized feed without advertisement and by personally build preferences like time, relative distance, or specific hashtags with the posts from accounts you follow.
  4. Inability to comment or message all the photos or accounts you desire to comment or message due to low short time Instagram limits
  5. Inability to get some accurate statistical insights to attract the clients or followers to your business or profile


The inability to grow is usually connected with the low visibility; the natural solution is to start to attract more attention to your account by either actions or offers. The offers are based on personal preferences, therefore they are out of the scope of this software (take a deep look into giveaways, discounts, shout-outs, features, viral interesting content, etc). Human curiosity helps to build relations through actions like following, liking, and commenting. The special approach in the software is statistical machinery, that learns out of your loyal followers, what a follower should look like; the AI interacts with people (out of specified sources) who looks the most like your followers.


The inability to post on a laptop can be solved either with a webphone view on Instagram or with a variety of phone imitator programs. The minority companies give the statistics about times when your followers are active, and no other software on the market collects the data about hashtags your followers use. The combined approach increases the chances a follower sees a post (perfect timing + hashtags, that your followers are interested in, based on their posts).

Personal Feed

There are two annoying things about the Instagram feed that happened during last years, the increased number of the advertisement from 1 per 9 posts to about 1 per 3 posts, and the changing ordering patterns, Instagram brings in. My idea was simple, to get the control back to me, either I want to see a feed based on time or hashtags or on the distance a photo was taken from me or a specific place. The approach is not used by almost any other software, because it requires a lot of automatic pages checking and caching.


The short term Instagram limits are rather annoying than helpful with “bot bans”. After the first time introduced in last June, almost every single active Instagram user received a message about the inappropriately high number of actions. The simple truth is, that if a person spreads the actions during the day, those actions can be safely done, however, it is hard to perform physically, therefore software spreads the messages and comments you wanted to be done through the day. Technically those actions are done in in-build to the software Chrome browser, you can see how the software does everything, and it is impossible to notice a difference between you working in Chrome and the software doing so.

Right connections

Every business owner wants to target and connect with possible clients as accurate and various as possible. The personally build map of your followers' posts, allows you to detect if a follower is in a reachable distance from your product, and the collected automatically email list allows you to contact them outside of the Instagram scope. All of this data is publicly available, and the software combines it.

The communication with like-minded people is truly beneficial. Try to get as many advantages in creating an informed audience around you.

Terms and Conditions

The short version is quite simple. The software is provided as it is, it is legal to use it, however, you should not abuse other people copyrights to keep it working legally. All the data collected is available publicly through Instagram, Google, Bing, and so on. The major purpose of the software is to optimize your time with automated actions. Keep in mind, that Instagram can legally block your account even without a single reason (there are tons of stories, how Instagram did it in past with popular influencers, whose opinions on certain topics did not match with Instagram owners). Also, Instagram can block some of your actions temporary, there is nothing I can help you within this case, all the block-taking-out actions are potentially dangerous and may lead to a total account block. Just wait it out.


The software runs on your computer with Windows or Mac systems. The test trial (7 days) is given to check if the software can run on your computer + can be used with your account. There is no guarantee that every computer and/or account can use the software. There are no viruses, backdoors, crypto-mining systems or whatever else unexpected installed on your computer. I cannot prove it by providing 1.5 years of my research and work to open source, but I hope you are reasonably doubted to small software companies.


A prepaid monthly subscription activates software for a specific account (you can change the username for that account, but it has to be the same account) for 30 days. The current price and Paypal address are on the services page (click here). The transaction is approved automatically if you paid for one account at a time and added the current account username in the notes (if the server is running, Instagram servers are running, the payment is received - the subscription will update itself within 2 hours maximum). If something goes wrong, I check all transactions manually every day and add up subscriptions. You do not have to wait till the transaction approval, put your current username in the field, and press submit. You will get a day of subscription added to your account. When the subscription is approved automatically or manually, the rest 29 days are going to be added on top of that day. You can have as maximum as one day added this way.


The product you are buying is the software that automates your actions. If you can run the software, and you can theoretically perform those actions, the software is guaranteed to do them (in case if you have issues with the software itself - contact me). Those actions performed manually would give you just the same result overall with the followers and interactions, however, if the software is properly set up, it automates the work that could be physically done by 4-5 people working on the same account for 40 hours a week. To perform those actions, the software has to run, therefore the computer has to run. I discussed that in some of the study materials, a computer can safely do it if the maintenance is done. The drastic difference between the fastest and the slowest growing accounts is in how well the sources are set up to get the audience, which enjoys your content the most. The statistical analysis to predict how well the source is going to perform for you is complicated, time-taking, and therefore expensive. I can perform it for you, however, I suggest a trial and error method to get an optimal result. There is a huge link between the audience and the content you do. Hopefully, the time saved by the software is going to help you to raise the quality of the content or the communication strength with your followers.


For every paid month of a person you brought in, your account receives 10 free days of the subscription. If it is your account, I can adjust the monthly price by 45% for your new account (if it is paid together). In case if a person pays for the long subscription (for example a yearly one), you receive 10 days for each “paid” month -> 80 days for a paid yearly subscription, 50 days for 6 months one. In case, if you work with multiple accounts (10+) I can adjust price even more. In case, if you finish up having multiple friends, who you brought in (3+), there is a commission system, which can be used, please refer to the services page.

Additional tech support

I do tech support with the software when it requires to be fixed, however, if the time taken is longer than 10 minutes and the problem is not directly connected with the software, but rather with the usage, I charge on an hourly rate (the current price you can get on the services page). For time up to 30 minutes, I deduct the charge from the subscription. I do not answer questions like - what are the best hashtags for me personally, what is the better location A or B, what time I should post, etc? For all those questions, it is possible to make tutoring time. The best experience for you and me is when you prepare the questions in advance, so I can read them, check up some data if needed, and answer with the call, email, or voice message. The money for the first hour should be paid in front.