My name is Alex. I created an Instagram profile @alkonaesc in August 2017. By that time I won some photography tournaments and I decided to start sharing my photos with the world. Of course, I wanted to be known.

The reality was cruel. I got my 50th follower by December 2017. I was sure that my photography is way above average and I couldn't understand what went wrong. I researched the behavior patterns on Instagram in January 2018. I have been studying statistics and computer science for about 10 years, therefore I was analyzing the cost-efficiency of actions. I discovered that social media itself is not just about sharing content. I automized all my actions online, that I thought should not take much time and effort. I wanted to get more profit out of Instagram indirectly, by increasing the price of canvases I sold in Mexico at that time.

After I finished with the software and started using it at the end of February 2018, my profile started to grow. In parallel, I was reading how to monetize and use Instagram. I was pretty much sure that when I reach 10K followers I start earning a lot. It is possible, however with the way I grew up a profile, I finished up with photographers all over the world as my audience. From one side the high quality of their photography shows that my content is awesome too. From another side, unless you teach how to do photography, it is hard to earn on it. And I personally do not think my followers need to be taught.

I started an online business on what I can do the best - growing other brands on Instagram and making powerful groups online. On this website, I summarized what I know about Instagram and ready to share for free.

Have fun!